Thornbury & District Skittles League

Founded 1955

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In division 1 for the 2016-17 season, playing at Catholic Club on Friday nights.

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Date Venue Home   Away
Mon 5 Sep Catholic Club Ship-A-Hoys 179-153 In-Laws
Fri 16 Sep Catholic Club In-Laws 160-182 Hasslers
Thu 22 Sep Rockhampton Cricket Club Lone Rangers 194-160 In-Laws
Fri 30 Sep Catholic Club In-Laws 186-166 Saints
Fri 7 Oct Catholic Club In-Laws 160-169 Stone Cricket Club
Thu 20 Oct Thornbury Rugby Club Newtonians 161-163 In-Laws
Fri 28 Oct Catholic Club In-Laws 165-118 Avons
Wed 2 Nov The Wheatsheaf Skuttlers 139-159 In-Laws
Fri 2 Dec Catholic Club In-Laws 179-160 White Hart 'A'
Mon 5 Dec Patchway Labour Club Jokers 131-98 In-Laws
Fri 16 Dec Catholic Club In-Laws 171-147 La-Me-Dos
Mon 2 Jan Thornbury Rugby Club Alley Cat Strays 141-136 In-Laws
Fri 13 Jan Catholic Club In-Laws vs Roaring Twenties
Fri 20 Jan Catholic Club In-Laws 164-88 Ship-A-Hoys
Thu 26 Jan Almondsbury Social Club Hasslers 86-83 In-Laws
Fri 3 Feb Catholic Club In-Laws 144-164 Lone Rangers
Mon 6 Feb Stokers Saints 151-93 In-Laws
Mon 13 Feb The Salutation Stone Cricket Club 232-219 In-Laws
Fri 24 Feb Catholic Club In-Laws 166-179 Newtonians
Mon 27 Feb Black Horse Avons 85-157 In-Laws
Fri 10 Mar Catholic Club In-Laws 141-144 Skuttlers
Mon 27 Mar White Hart White Hart 'A' vs In-Laws
Fri 7 Apr Catholic Club In-Laws vs Jokers
Wed 12 Apr Black Horse La-Me-Dos vs In-Laws
Fri 21 Apr Catholic Club In-Laws vs Alley Cat Strays
Wed 26 Apr The Wheatsheaf Roaring Twenties vs In-Laws

Cup matches

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