Thornbury & District Skittles League

Founded 1955

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In division 3 for the 2016-17 season, playing at Catholic Club on Thursday nights.

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Date Venue Home   Away
Wed 14 Sep Almondsbury Social Club The Service 147-135 Drifters
Thu 22 Sep Catholic Club Drifters 196-184 Ship 'A'
Fri 30 Sep White Hart Olveston Warriors 173-171 Drifters
Thu 6 Oct Catholic Club Drifters 187-187 Wickwar Sports
Fri 21 Oct Black Horse F Troop 225-214 Drifters
Fri 28 Oct Almondsbury Social Club Generators 133-142 Drifters
Thu 3 Nov Catholic Club Drifters 186-165 Swan 'A'
Fri 2 Dec The Swan Tytherington Woodpeckers 214-200 Drifters
Thu 8 Dec Catholic Club Drifters 184-193 Olveston Youngsters
Mon 12 Dec The Swan Thornbury Barren Nights 174-151 Drifters
Thu 5 Jan Catholic Club Drifters 189-195 Persuaders
Fri 13 Jan Almondsbury Social Club Ibstock 146-135 Drifters
Thu 26 Jan Catholic Club Drifters 206-180 The Service
Tue 31 Jan Thornbury Rugby Club Ship 'A' 192-190 Drifters
Thu 9 Feb Catholic Club Drifters 198-192 Olveston Warriors
Mon 13 Feb The Swan Thornbury Wickwar Sports 158-197 Drifters
Thu 23 Feb Catholic Club Drifters 186-204 F Troop
Thu 2 Mar Catholic Club Drifters 195-210 Generators
Mon 6 Mar The Swan Tytherington Swan 'A' 189-199 Drifters
Thu 30 Mar Catholic Club Drifters vs Woodpeckers
Mon 3 Apr White Hart Olveston Youngsters vs Drifters
Thu 13 Apr Catholic Club Drifters vs Barren Nights
Wed 19 Apr Patchway Labour Club Persuaders vs Drifters
Thu 27 Apr Catholic Club Drifters vs Ibstock

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