Thornbury & District Skittles League

Founded 1955

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In division 3 for the 2016-17 season, playing at Catholic Club on Thursday nights.

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Date Venue Home   Away
Wed 14 Sep Almondsbury Social Club The Service 147-135 Drifters
Thu 22 Sep Catholic Club Drifters 196-184 Ship 'A'
Fri 30 Sep White Hart Olveston Warriors 173-171 Drifters
Thu 6 Oct Catholic Club Drifters 187-187 Wickwar Sports
Fri 21 Oct Black Horse F Troop 225-214 Drifters
Fri 28 Oct Almondsbury Social Club Generators 133-142 Drifters
Thu 3 Nov Catholic Club Drifters 186-165 Swan 'A'
Fri 2 Dec The Swan Tytherington Woodpeckers 214-200 Drifters
Thu 8 Dec Catholic Club Drifters 184-193 Olveston Youngsters
Mon 12 Dec The Swan Thornbury Barren Nights 174-151 Drifters
Thu 5 Jan Catholic Club Drifters 189-195 Persuaders
Fri 13 Jan Almondsbury Social Club Ibstock 146-135 Drifters
Thu 26 Jan Catholic Club Drifters 206-180 The Service
Tue 31 Jan Thornbury Rugby Club Ship 'A' 192-190 Drifters
Thu 9 Feb Catholic Club Drifters 198-192 Olveston Warriors
Mon 13 Feb The Swan Thornbury Wickwar Sports 158-197 Drifters
Thu 23 Feb Catholic Club Drifters 186-204 F Troop
Thu 2 Mar Catholic Club Drifters 195-210 Generators
Mon 6 Mar The Swan Tytherington Swan 'A' 189-199 Drifters
Thu 30 Mar Catholic Club Drifters 199-187 Woodpeckers
Mon 3 Apr White Hart Olveston Youngsters 159-161 Drifters
Thu 13 Apr Catholic Club Drifters 181-206 Barren Nights
Wed 19 Apr Patchway Labour Club Persuaders 135-129 Drifters
Thu 27 Apr Catholic Club Drifters vs Ibstock

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