Thornbury & District Skittles League

Founded 1955

June 2017

This website is now closed

I have been informed that the League no longer requires this website.

A number of people have asked me what is going on, but I'm afraid I don't know much. If you're interested in the little I do know, read on...

I was contacted in February to inform me that there would be a new Fixtures Secretary next season, but that they were insisting that everything should be online, including the submission of score sheets. I said this wasn't a problem, as it was something I had always intended to do from when I took over as Fixtures Secretary in 2013; I developed this website myself (at no cost to the League, I might add) and coded it to include online scoring right from the off. However, I was always met with resistance that prevented its introduction, so we ended up with this half-way solution where the Fixtures Secretary received paper score sheets and entered them into the website.

So, I welcomed the opportunity to finally enable teams to submit their own scores from next season, and was told (back in February) that the new Fixtures Secretary would be in touch, so we could discuss exactly how they wanted things to work, so that I could prepare the website. However, no further contact was made until this week, when I was told alternative arrangements have been made. I don't know who the new Fixtures Secretary is, nor what the alternative arrangements are - presumably a new website, but I don't know the address, if so.

Ian Shepherd